Splendor-When Western Baroque Meets Taiwanese Folk Songs

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CD of Taiwanese Folk songs

The purpose of this CD is to promote Taiwanese folk songs. Instructors from the Music Department noticed that children in Taiwan could no longer appreciate the beauty of lyrics and melodies from traditional songs. Therefore, they invited composers to rearrange them into the Baroque style. Their mission is to promote Taiwanese folksongs to the public and additionally to put the soul of classical music into the folksongs. The goal is to combine the original essence of the folksongs with the influence of classical music. The CD, Splendor-When Baroque meets Taiwanese Folk songs, was published in 2006. It is hoped that this new style of music can expose Taiwan to a different form of cross-cultural communication. This brand new attempt has become characteristic of the Baroque Camerata.

The CD was nominated for the crossover music category in the 18th Golden Melody Awards in 2007 as well as the best top 10 of World Music recommended by Eslite books. The glory and affirmation is given to the Baroque Camerata.


1. Dark Sky before the Downpour

2. Jasmine in June

3. Melody Reminiscent of An-Ping

4. Moonlight Sorrow

5. Tao Hwa (Ms. Peach Blossom) Crosses the River

6. The Cricket Teases the Rooster

7. Egret

8. Cattle Plowing Song

9. Rainy Night in the Port City

10. The Tune of Taidung (Taidung Diau)

11. When the Farewell Gongs Sound

12. Lullaby



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