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The Great Concertos

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The Great Concertos

The 17th and 18th centuries were a heavily competitive, yet brilliantly productive period for music, a period that led to the fervor for concertos in the 19th century and influenced our music even today.

Baroque Camerata's four principal players give an exquisite performance of musically complex material on this album, "The Great Concertos."

From the intricate, yet supple sounds of JC Bach on the keyboard and the elegant lightheartedness of Haydn's divertimento, to Vivaldi with his darkly obscure Concerto in D major "Senza cantin," which tests the mettle of any musician who braves it, and the tempestuous Concerto No. 5 in E flat "La tempesta di mare," this recording is a superb mix of the sweet sounds of instrumentals layered in a complex and intellectually pleasing fashion.

We bring you a wonderful recording of these three musical masters; a new benchmark for the Baroque Camerata and its expert players.




Johann Christian Bach - Keyboard Concerto in E-flat major, op.7-5
I.   Allegro di molto 
    II.  Andante  
III. Allegro  

Franz Joseph Haydn - Divertimento for Cello in D major, Hob. VIIb/2
I.   Adagio  
    II.  Menuet  
III. Allegro di molto  

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi - Violin Concerto in D minor, RV243
    I.   Allegro  
    II.  Andante molto  
III. Allegro  

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi - Violin Concerto in E-flat major, "La tempesta di mare" (The Sea Storm), RV 253
I.   Allegro  
    II.  Largo  
    III. Presto