Music Journey

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The Baroque Camerata -2018 The most exciting and important new albums being released.
"Music Journey" | The most beautiful music of time and space traveling.

This CD repertoire covers the rearrangement of the Hakka Tea Harvest Song” which was composed in the style of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro by use of the sonata style,
Green Island Serenade” having the honor of being the first Chinese song to be recorded and released in Taiwan,
and the Taiwanese song High Mountain Green” incorporating the style of J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto, No. 5,
and many many enchanted pieces.

The elegance of classical music gilded with Taiwanese cultural flavor—Baroque Camerata 
brings the classical world into contact with crossover music, creating a musical experience to be enjoyed by the musical newcomer and connoisseur alike.


1. Sister Rainbow's Journey to the West

2. Reminiscing Over an Embroidered Purse

3. High Mountain Green Concerto

4. Green Island Serenade

5. Romance of the Horse Carriage Driver

6. Vivaldi Braves the Northwest Rain, A Violin Concerto

7. The General's Charge into the New World

8. Under the Silver Moonlight

9. Tea Harvest Song, an Overture

10. The Jasmine in June



Green Island Serenade / Sheng-Hsien Liu

The General's Charge into the New World / Szu-Hsien Lee

Vivaldi Braves the Northwest Rain, A Violin Concerto / Nai-Hsuan Cheng