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A Tale of Bachs

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A Tale of Bachs

A Balance of Beauty and Reason: A Look into the Works of the Bachs

Of history’s many illustrious names in music, only an extreme few can say that their entire family has left a legacy that has impacted the whole world. One such family is the Bachs. After the family’s musical foundation was established by J.S. Bach, three of his sons, Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emannel, and Johann Christian, went on to become notable musicians in their own right. They were also superb representations of the 18th century baroque and supremely classical style.

This album collects two concertos and one symphony from these three illustrious sons of Bach senior, as well as a viola concerto from Georg Philipp Telemann, a good friend of Bach. Grand and intricate, these four pieces perfectly represent the style of the Baroque concerto grosso and the balance between reason and passion that marked that classical era. These three outstanding sons produced phenomenal works that relied on their own God-given talents, imagination, skills, and experience in composition. The shadow cast by J.S. Bach was large indeed; but over the subsequent history of music, these sons have cast shadows of their own.

Harpsichord, cello, and viola concertos and a full chamber ensemble express the pure sound of baroque—though with a subdued method and modern classical styling in perfect proportion. In this album, four superb pieces find their perfect expression under the musical expertise of Baroque Camerata.



Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Harpsichord Concerto in F Minor
I. Allegro di molto 
    II. Andante 
III. Prestissimo 

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Symphony for Strings in B Minor, Wq. 182/5
    I. Allegretto 
    II. Larghetto 
III. Presto

Johann Christian Bach: Cello Concerto in C Minor, W.C77
I. Allegro molto ma maestoso 
    II. Adagio molto espressivo 
III. Allegro molto energico 

Georg Philipp Telemann: Viola Concerto in G Major, TWV51:G9
I. Largo 
    II. Allegro 
    III. Andante
    IV. Presto



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