Yu-Chien Tseng v.s. Baroque Camerata -《Four Seasons | Across Centuries》


In 2018, Baroque Camerata invites the International Violin Star who win the highest award of the 2015  International Tchaikovsky Competition - Yu-Chien Tseng

with the Baroque Camerata performed the "Four Seasons" of Vivaldi and the "Four Seasons of Taiwan" of Masaaki Hayakawa.





Masaaki Hayakawa

《Four Seasons of Taiwan》

Spring〈Loving the Year Round〉、〈Butterfly Nectar〉、〈Plum Blossom Country〉

Summer〈The Ploughman’s Song〉、〈Meat Sumplings〉、〈In the Cold Pouring Rain〉

Autumn〈Formosan Evergreen〉、〈Moonlight Sorrow〉、〈Autumn Melancholy〉

Winter〈Bittersweet Flowers〉、〈Dockside Farewell〉、〈The Rain-Soaked Bird〉



Antonio Lucio Vivaldi:

《The Four Seasons》

Spring: Concerto No. 1 in E major: I. Allegro 
                                                        II. Largo 
                                                        III. Allegro, danza pastorale 

Summer: Concerto No. 2 in G minor: I. Allegro non molto 
                                                            II. Adagio 
                                                            III. Presto, tempo impetuoso d'estate 

Autumn: Concerto No. 3 in F major: I. Allegro, ballo e canto de'villanell 
                                                          II. Adagio, ubriachi dormienti 
                                                          III. Allegro, la caccia 

Winter: Concerto No. 4 in F minor: I. Allegro non molto 
                                                        III. Allegro 



2018/11/16(Fri.) 19:30pm ,Jhihde Hall Kaohsiung City
2018/11/17(Sat.) 14:00pm ,National Taichung Theater