The LONGING - Music Theatre, Mainland China Concert Tour



As the theme of The Longing , Baroque Camerata has chosen “the female.” Thus it is hugely appropriate that many of the works are retro-classical reworkings of popular Taiwanese songs—especially those of famed songstress Teresa Teng. Multimedia effects such as on-stage water and wave visuals shed sparkling light on the calligraphy made especially for the performance. Solo and group dances scintillate in dream-like reverie over a backdrop of verse, setting off the deeply emotional interpretations of the musical ensemble and the equally deep and mellifluous voice of Teresa Teng—a voice fluent across all emotions, a voice that links tragedy with joy.



2016/12/09(Fri) 7:30PM Zhongshan Culture & Art Center, Guangdong China

2016/12/11(Sun) 7:30PM Zhaoqing Xingyan Hall, Guangdong China