Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival 2017




Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival 2017


Baroque Camerata was invited by the "Geelvinek Fortepiano Festival" this year,
During the 10/23 - 10/30 !

The Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival is dedicated to maintaining the tradition of the harpsichord and the piano, so that music lovers can hear the original music that thclassical composer had written. The annual Piano Music Festival, held annually in the Netherlands, lasts for three weeks and hosts more than 40 concerts, with top musicians from all over the world. In addition to concerts, the symposium, master classes, lectures and lectures International Piano Competition, is the ancient piano and harpsichord life should at least be a pilgrimage event.

The concert-master musicians of the Baroque Camerata were invited by Michael Tsalka, the artistic director of the festival, to perform four different concerts at the Concert Hall of the Hilfynk Piano Music Festival in the Netherlands in 2017, with the exception of Taiwanese composers Li Si-xian "Dialogue IV" piano quintet of the world premiere, and Michael Tsalka cooperation performances, and invited to the Netherlands public radio station (Opium, Radio 4), the Taiwan folk songs in the broadcast by the interpretation and live performances and the Netherlands Local audience sharing. This trip to the Netherlands, the Baroque Soloist Orchestra in the music festival, not only the rich Western classical music repertoire, and radio stations to promote the beauty of Taiwanese compositions, but also look forward to the opportunity to link with other international music festival and maintaining a long-term relationship.



10/24 New Frontiers The Bible Museum in Amsterdam
10/25 Live Broadcast Opium, Radio 4
10/26 Intimate Dialogues Amestelrand Concerten
10/27 Intimate Conversation Muziek Museum Zutphen in Zutphen
10/28 Intimate Dialogues Castle Loenersloot
10/29 Exuberance & Tragedy The Bible Museum in Amsterdam