《Olivier Charlier V.S. Baroque Camerata》


【The King's Voice of Violin - The Violin Mastro Olivier Charlier vs Baroque Camerata】


"It is with great impatience and interest that I come to Taiwan for the first time.... This concert offers a journey into baroque music.

It is built on two axes: French music and Italian music.

Through the wide range of composers, we have chosen, we will explore different musical forms: dance music, concert music, concerto grosso, solo concerto ...

These are rather short, varied works, full of energy and vivacity!" - Olivier Charlier Sep. 20, 2017.


"Charlier's strong violin performing skills and the uniqueness of the individual's style of performance is different from the systematic way to produce, are refreshing" - Sun Jia Cong / "MUZIK" Chief Editor


"The endless stream of vitality, the quality of excellence with the brand new ideas and creativities, are good at both classical vs modern,

Eastern vs Western repertorie, Baroque Camerata consists of the domestic famous musicians and sololists, not only shining in South Taiwan also opening a beautiful window to the world.

It is a great example of cultural fusion in the performing arts"- well-known music critic / Jiao Yuanpu


We strongly recommend, yet the first time to visit Taiwan "Olivier Charlier vs Baroque Camerata" concerts 11/26 (sun) 14:30 Jhihde Hall, Kaohsiung    11/28 (tue) 19:30 National Concert Hall, Taipei


Olivier Charlier V.S. Baroque Camerata


Marin Marais - Danses

Lully - Le triomphe de l’amour, suite for strings

Rameau - Concert No.3 transcrit en sextuor

Leclair - Violin sonata in D major op 9 No.3 (version for violin and string orchestra)

Corelli - Concerto grosso D major op 6 No.4

Scarlatti - Concerto in 7 part Concerto grosso No.3 F major

Locatelli - Concerto grosso D major op1 No.5

Vivaldi - Concerto for violin No.9 in D major RV 230


【Wonderful Segment】

Scarlatti - Concerto in 7 part Concerto grosso No.3 F major  點擊觀賞

When the Farewell Gongs Sound  點擊觀賞

The Jasmine in June  點擊觀賞