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《Image ‧ Taiwan》


Baroque x Taiwanese Folk Songs x Multimedia

The year of 2021, Baroque Camerata will publish a brand new album titled 「Image.Taiwan」which includes Taiwanese popular songs from 1950 to 1990. The culture development in this period of time is so diverse and hybridized. The cultural expressions reflect on these melodies and lyrics of Taiwanese popular songs in 「Image.Taiwan」.Four composers use Baroque solo and grosso concerto style to rearrange 13 songs into 4 concertos. Instead of the lyrics, different voices of the Baroque Camerata orchestra present a stacked of atmosphere telling a beautiful story of Taiwan at the time.For this special concert, we will have the stage actors with the multimedia effect with lighting created by the famous director Yang Shi-Ping from concerto to concerto. This is our great delight in presenting these using drama effect to enhance the music to give the audience the extraordinary audio visual experiences in the concert.

Music director│Mei-Wen Lee
Baroque Camerata 
Director│Shih-Ping Yang
Multimedia design│Yi-Sheng Wang
Lighting Design│Chien-Hao Kuo
Actor & Actress│Zhu-Jun Lin 、Peng Chen
Composer│Szu-Hsien Lee、Paul SanGregory、Sheng-Hsien Liu、Nai-Hsuan Cheng

The Tune of Taidung (Taidung Diau)
Wandering Into Tamsui、Empty Smile、Can’t Raise Fish in the Bottom of a Glass、Silver Wrapped in Gold
Youth Peak 、Spring Colors Fill the Mountains、Bo-dow manbo
Looking At Flower、Bygone Love Is Continuous、 If I Open My Heart's Door
Spring flower、Shadows of a Pair of Geese、Wish You Come Back Soon
Tao Hwa (Ms. Peach Blossom) Crosses the River

2021/04/30 (Fri.) 19:30pm, WeiWuYing National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts - Concert Hall
Ticket Price:$500/800/1200/1600/2200/3000