"The Great Concertos - Baroque Camerata" 2017 April 27-302017-07-12

 "The Great Concertos - Baroque Camerata" 2017 April 27-30

A series of four major performances successfully completed,
Thanks to the assistance of the venue staffs, both entrance lobby and  the stage are given the greatest degree of help.
Also thanks to the support of the audience as well as the positive feedbacks of the questionnaire.
And the audience's quotes  "nice, want to listen again" or "really like the group, hope to have more performances, and more to Pingtung performances!"
But also Pingtung's audience after listening to the performance  left a message in the Facebook:
"Thanks to tonight's performance, (although I am not a classical concert goer), endlessly touching string  melodies , fascinating, even went home as if I still sense the scene and the music of the violin and the harpsichord competing each other.
Enjoyed your performance in the Pingtung Auditorium, awesome, thank you very much! "
Concert in Taipei,  the President of the Chung Hwa University - Victor Liu and the Chairman of  the KMS Music Society - Lin Zhiming  also sent flowers to congratulate us;  it is really grateful !!!

Future performances: 
07/08 (Sat) "Rising Stars - Glory Vivaldi",  Kaohsiung Music Hall
07/09 (Sun) "Qian Zhou V.S. Baroque Camerata",  Kaohsiung Music Hall
11/26 (Sun) "The Acclaimed French Violinist - Olivier Charlier & Baroque Camerata", Kaohsiung Jhihde Hall
11/28 (Tue) "The Acclaimed French Violinist - Olivier Charlier & Baroque Camerata", Taipei National Concert Hall
We look forward to seeing you again in the future performances!

Details will be announced shortly.
Please pay attention to the official website and the Facebook!

More photos: http://www.baroque-camerata.org/collection/107